Embodied iSound

An Immersive Sound Ride Across Frontiers of Sonic Spaces

“Frontiers: expanding musical imagination” is the theme of this year’s Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival. It is also the motto and inspiration to composer Marcelo Gimenes’ sound installation Embodied iSound, an invitation to reflect upon the limitless abilities of human’s musical creativeness: where we come from, where we are going to. Continue reading “Embodied iSound”

Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2008 – Voices III

The three-day Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2008 includes performances, lectures, installations, workshops of contemporary acoustic, electroacoustic, lm, jazz, improvisation and vocal experimentation. It showcases computer music research and new creative developments at the University of Plymouth as well as promoting performers and composers from around the UK and Europe.

At Interface, a series of short performances by members of the University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research, Marcelo Gimenes improvises in tandem with an intelligent computer piano improviser. The theme of ‘Interface’ is twofold: bringing together traditional musicians with technology; and bringing together music-lovers with the latest cutting edge techniques in performance and composition.

Visit the website and read the full Music Fest Prog 08 of the Festival and watch a movie of the performance:

Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2006 – Voices I

“The University of Plymouth is pleased to present aspects of its current computer music research and showcase the work of our staff and students.  This is a new and exciting music festival which places the university at the cutting edge of new music-making in the South West” (Simon Ible, Peninsula Arts Director)

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 08.56.30.png

Marcelo Gimenes played Brazilian composers (Jonatas Manzolli, Eduardo Miranda and Heitor Villa-Lobos) at the opening of the 2006 edition of the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, a leading event that showcases performances, lectures, demonstrations and workshops which explore contemporary music, computer music research and new creative developments at University of Plymouth.

Visit the website of the Festival and listen to the performance: